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Ratio 1:1, 2:1 Flexible,

2:1 (changed to those with best ratio when I find them)

Are you looking for the good Traffic Exchange sites that really send you visitors to help you in your hard work in recruting persons for your teams or downlines?


Yes, there are problems with them, even with the best of them.

They not only can jump to the external advertising sites, not only can show you hard porno, not only they can create different problems to you.


THE WORSE is that you can discover they DO NOT SEND YOUR HARDLY EARNED HITS to you link. You are sure, they do, but than the team leader says you: you do not make enough hits to our team link! No referrals from the team for you!


Shit! I work EVERY day! For months! I earn thousands of credits a week!!!!!!

Than, you begin to control. And discover that yes, you HAVE earned your credits, but all they are still in your account!

Because the TE does NOT show your link to other members!!!


Well, here, in this pages, you will find TEs that WORK for you - and those who does not deliver the visits to your site - and those that consciously LIE


This site will be updated with the new informations

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Aiop Power Downline Builder

BEST Traffic Exchanges - They Really WORK

What Means WORKING for me? The ONLY thing: they send visitors to my sites. ONLY this.

There are hundreds old and new sites that make you only collect credits. And Do NOT send visitors to you. Such TEs I post on the page DO NOT TEs


Here are actually 22 (or more) TE sites in my list of working TEs that I control every week to see if they really send me visitors.

At least half of them have 1:1 Ratio

Many of others have Flexible ratio (more you work - more credits they give you for every site you've visit).

Some of them have huge bonus credits

NEW TEs Added

As said before, I control how many visitors deliver the TEs to my site for the credits I earn visiting their advertisers.

I cancel sites that does not work and I'm always looking for the good TEs to ad to my list.

Here are the new sites I added

Normally, I'm looking for 1:1 ratio, but these 2 have 2:1 and not flexible, as it seems.



Very interesting project this one. 2:1 ratio, but the admin makes very huge gifts in all her other sites and I had always good hit amounts there. Very active