Review of the Best TEs Results This Week

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The Results of this Week of Work

As I told you from the beginning, this site I created to find the most efficient way to work with the Traffic Exchanges. For about 2 months I did not sent hits to my teams (AIOP and 4 Corners) and it was a great surprize for me, because I was sure I have at least 2000 hits every week.


I began to control every site and, as I've written before, and you can see on the page Do NOT TEs, discovered that some of the TEs collect my credits (2000-3000-4000 and more) but do NOT sent visitors to my pages.


I don't know what is the reason of it. Since those are popular TEs, their rotators are too busy, maybe. But it's not MY problem. MY problem is that I have to send hits to my team links. And if they can't organize their work efficiently, I have to eliminate them, because I have not time to play with them. I'mhere for my home-based business.


Well, I continued my controls this week, too. I cancelled some of the TEs and added some new. Not all new TEs remained because they created problems for me. So, I do not added Gangster Traffic (1:1 ratio was for some days only) and Gorilla hits.


The chocking result I had with Yibibda: only some hits to me and Greener-Dayz with only 8 visits in a week.

I continue to work with them this week, too, but if the results will be the same, I will eliminate them even if I like both these TEs.


The rest from my list gave me about 4000 hits this week.

Absolutly best from all the list is TrafficAdBar  this week, too.

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