NEVER MORE TEs and Other Sites

There is one traffic exchange in my Never More list.

The owner promises to pay for visits.

Here is what they write:

  • We Pay 15 Cents For Every 15 Sites You Surf!
  • Earn Credits and Cash
  • Banner Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Referral Contest
  • Surf For Cash
  • Click Ads For Cash
  • Bonus Credits
  • Bonus Cash

Yes, they have a very honest counter. You work to earn your money (and I presume if you work hard to have it, it's because you NEED it)

They promise to pay $100 to free members and $50 to upgraded members.

What you receive when you've reached your $100 finally?


This result is from the experience of 3 persons. 2 with free account and one with the upgraded account. All 3 received the same sum

The owner/ webmaster does NOT answer to the mails and requests

Other Category But they DO NOT PAY, Too

These sites promise to pay you from $2 to $10 a day

When you arrive to the withdrowal, you have to open a WiredPay account, than you have to confirm your account sending them $15 that has to turn back after they confirm you opened that account. You will NEVER see your $15, first of all. And you will NEVER receive your earned money.


These 2 sites are only example of this frode. There are many of them. NO ONE PAYS

But the story is not finished here. The bitcoin and financial sites you find advertised there, they DO NOT PAY, too

Cash Balance: $104.95 (You can cashout at $100)

Cash Balance:

$61.65 (You can cashout at $5)