Traffic Exchange Winner of This Week

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  What is the main sign of a good TE for us, surfers? It's the most important result of our work: how many persons could see it and if we have enough hits to the team link.

This week, I decided to make a Wednesday control to assign non assigned credits, if there are some, and I wanted to tell you about this new (for me) TE of my favourite webmaster 


First about the new Traffic Exchange because I want to tell about it only some words.

The owner works for many years in this industry, has many sites with millions of members in every of it. We all love to work in this sites (I usemailers, but they has different tipes of advertising sites) because the webmaster gives really huge gifts, credits, they are easy to work and interesting, too.  Well, I'll ad some of them here if you are interested. Most are safelists with really impressive memberships.




Now, The Best Traffic Exchange of This Week

Well, the absolutly best Traffic Exchange site from the list you can find on the Maine Page Is

I had about 200 hits/my link. Other sites arrived to more than 100/link. And there are 3 lagging TEs that I want to control on Saturday when I'll reset counters.

The aim of this marathon is that I want to find TEs I can trust. So that I can work with calm and be sure that if I do not control them every day, they will continue honestly send visitors to my links.

As many of you, I work with 2 Teams and have to promote the links of the team to receive my referrals from my team. I'm a busy woman and not every day have time to control the TEs. I do my work and want to sleap happy in the night. You can't imagine my surprize when I received the results from my team saying I did not send hits to the team link for different weeks. It was very very sad. I left my place in the rotator for the TEs that does not work correctly.


We will see what happens on Saturday, now.

All the best.

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