06. May 2017
Remember that if you need a free backlink, you can post your ad in this Classified site free for 30 days in front of at least 500 visitors a day. What is the main sign of a good TE for us? It's the most important result of our work: how many persons could see it and if we have enough hits to the team link. This week I decided to make a Wensday control to assign non assigned credits if there are some and I wanted to tell you about this new (for me) TE of my favourite webmaster
01. May 2017
Here you can find the best TE of this week and the 2 TEs that did not sent visitors to the links. Sponsored: How to show your ad to REAL visitors for FREE? Visit This site (http://www.quickfindglobal.com/), scroll down and post your ad and picture for free. Publish it for 30 days. What do you have with it? Your ad can be seen by at least 500 visitors a day. You have a backlink, too.
27. April 2017
Tezzak TE, one of the oldest, finally completly changed their site and URL, too. They just changed the old design some time ago, and for those who used the site for years, it was sad enough, but now it's completly new project. They have only 3:1 ratio, but ... they are history of TEs and I loved them for it. At the moment the old and the new sites are both online. If you are interested to visit or to take their new offers, you can visit their new site with different OTOs.